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The 7 Best Logo Maker Tools (2023)

The 7 Best Logo Maker Tools (2023) blog article main image

Are you trying to find an online logo maker to build a logo for your business or brand? You’ve come to the right place. We've put together a list of the best online tools for DIY logo creation for you to browse. Your ideal logo maker tool is just minutes away!

Why Use an Online Logo Maker?

A professional-looking logo can assist build credibility and brand recognition as it is a crucial component of a brand’s identity. Yet, designing a logo from scratch might take a lot of time and money. Online logo maker tools help you to create high quality logos, for a fraction of the regular time and cost of getting a logo designed . Using a budget-friendly online logo maker, you can quickly develop a logo that matches the look and message of your brand.

The Best Tools for Making Logos

1. Logobean Logo Maker

The free-to-use Logobean Logo Maker allows you to instantly create and customise millions of logos and branded visuals from your business or brand name. You can influence the endless selection of generated logos by updating the Logo Styles, including icon, font, layout, colors and more, and you can customize any specific logo using the logo editor. Do all of this whilst previewing your logos in ultra-modern, live contextual mockups!

2. Canva Logo Templates

Canva is a free form canvas based design platform for visual design that offers customizable logo templates. You can create your logo from their adjustable templates, and add specific design elements such as icons, fonts and colors to best suit your brand & cater to your target audience.

3. Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker utilises your brand preferences to produce logos that complement the look and messaging of your brand. You can alter the fonts, colors, and icons of your logo to best suit your specifications.

4. DesignEvo

Design Evo is a free online logo maker that enables you to create a logo using a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. You can select from thousands of templates and alter your logo's typeface, color, and icon choices.

5. Shopify Logo Maker (by Hatchful)

Shopify has a free logo maker that enables you to create a logo with only a few clicks. You may select from a variety of design themes and alter the fonts, colors, and icons in your logo.

6. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is an automated logo maker that generates a logo based on the preferences and style of your brand. With their premium plans, you can create a brand identity that includes branded documents. You’re able to customize your logo with various fonts, colors, and icons.

7. LogoMaker

LogoMaker allows you to create a logo with their straightforward and user-friendly interface. You can select from a variety of design templates and alter the text, fonts, colors, and icons used in your logo.

How to Pick the Best Logo Maker

Choosing the best online logo maker tool for your brand might be difficult given the number of options available. It’s recommended to try out a few to find your favourite. When choosing a logo maker, it’s important to keep the following things in mind:


Choose a logo maker with an intuitive user interface and simple customization options.

Options for Customization

Be sure the logo maker enables you to alter all of the logo components required to reflect an accurate tone and message of your brand.


Look for a logo maker that meets both your logo design goals and budget.

Branding Choices

To assist you in developing a unified brand identity, several logo makers additionally provide branding options like business card designs and social media graphics. Decide if this is something that you may want or need.


A professional-looking logo need not be expensive or time-consuming to create. You can develop a logo that matches the look and message of your brand in a matter of minutes with the correct logo maker tool. Get the best logo maker tool for your demands and budget by perusing our list of the best ones available!

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1. Getting Started

Add your business, company or brand name to instantly generate an endless selection of logo pairings. Click any logo pairing to view it in context with our ultra-modern live previews & favourite the logos that you love.

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2. Perfect Your Logo

Create a filter to refine the layouts, colors, fonts, icons & name alignment used in the generated logos. Edit any logo to perfection using our state of the art logo editor.

3. Launch & Grow With Confidence

Once you've found the perfect logo - download all of the files needed to launch with confidence. Premium downloads include high quality PNG & SVG logo files, 100's of marketing images for all major social media platforms, your very own web page for managing your logos and more.

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